What lies behind the Amazon Synod?

If you’re a plugged-in Catholic you might be asking why has the Church been rocked with repeated scandals the last 50 years. In his book, Infiltration, Taylor Marshall provides a profound analysis. Marshall gives a detailed historical account that illuminates the there have been demonic forces that have infiltrated the Catholic Church in order to … More What lies behind the Amazon Synod?

Why don’t Catholics Believe in The Real Presence?

New research from Pew published this month indicates the sad fact that only 26% of US Catholics under the age of 40 believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Even more troubling is this study suggests that close to 70% of Catholics across the spectrum don’t believe in the most fundamental teaching of the … More Why don’t Catholics Believe in The Real Presence?

What is Confirmation?

Of the seven Sacraments, probably the most misunderstood among Catholics is confirmation. People routinely mistake confirmation for “Catholic graduation,” or some sort of coming of age ceremony akin to a bar mitzvah. These common misconceptions of confirmation miss the mark, and, consequently, confuse people about what confirmation actually is. In order to fully understand confirmation, … More What is Confirmation?

How to become virtuous

Lent is a gut check time. It offers us a season to embrace sacrifices that allow us to become an overall better person. But as people typically ask, why do we need to go through an unpleasant experience to become a better person? It is simple; just like an overweight person needs to go through an unpleasant workout … More How to become virtuous