What is Confirmation?

Of the seven Sacraments, probably the most misunderstood among Catholics is confirmation. People routinely mistake confirmation for “Catholic graduation,” or some sort of coming of age ceremony akin to a bar mitzvah. These common misconceptions of confirmation miss the mark, and, consequently, confuse people about what confirmation actually is. In order to fully understand confirmation, … More What is Confirmation?

Why don’t Catholics Believe in The Real Presence?

New research from Pew published this month indicates the sad fact that only 26% of US Catholics under the age of 40 believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Even more troubling is this study suggests that close to 70% of Catholics across the spectrum don’t believe in the most fundamental teaching of the … More Why don’t Catholics Believe in The Real Presence?

Why Rome Matters

Bob Dylan wrote a song called “Gotta Serve Somebody.” The song echoes the deep human need to worship something, anything. Whether people know it or not they listen to a particular authority, and, in turn, some entity has ruling influence over them. Today, we can identify this mysterious entity as the pop culture. People constantly … More Why Rome Matters

The Smoke of Satan has entered the Church

At the Orviteo Cathedral in Central Italy lies perhaps the most frightening religious painting ever constructed. The Italian renaissance painter, Luca Signorelli, painted it. The painting is called Deeds of the Antichrist. What makes it so unsettling is it depicts an eerie portrait of how the devil operates. The painting shows this human antichrist figure … More The Smoke of Satan has entered the Church